Benjamin Rush letter to Mrs. Richard Stockton, June 19, 1787
Deed for first 10 acres of land purchased by Franklin and Marshall College
An Act to Incorporate the Marshall College at Mercersburg [Marshall College Charter]
Order of procession and public worship to be observed in the dedication of Franklin College, in the borough and county of Lancaster = Ordnung welche in Absicht der Procession und öffentlichen Gottesdienstes bey der Einweihung der Franklinischen Deutschen
A letter by Dr. Benjamin Rush, describing the consecration of the German college at Lancaster in June, 1787. Printed, with an introduction and notes, from a newly discovered manuscript, now in the Fackenthal library at Franklin and Marshall college. 
A list of scholars who have entered into the English school, Franklin College, 1787-1788.
An Act to Incorporate and endow the German College and Charity School in the borough and county of Lancaster in this state [Franklin College Charter]
An Act to unite and consolidate Marshall College, now at Mercersburg, with Franklin College, now at Lancaster, under the name of "Franklin and Marshall College," a corporation, to be located in the city of Lancaster, or its immediate vicinity [Franklin an
Account of Franklin College in the Borough of Lancaster [List of paid subscribers]